The UK’s Number 1 School.*

*According to the EL Gazette rankings based on
British Council inspectors’ publishable statements.

Read the article which explains what makes ELC Bristol the number 1 ranked UK school.

ELC Bristol is a family-run school, offering intensive General English and examination preparation courses in Bristol, a lively university city in the South West of England.


Established in 1969, ELC Bristol is a family-run English language school. We offer intensive General English courses and Examination Preparation courses for the IELTS and Cambridge exams. We are a member of TEN (the English Network), IALC (International Association of Language Centres), English UK, Quality English and we are accredited by the British Council.  

Our Mission: 

  • To provide high quality education in the English language for students aged 16+, focussing on teaching General English and preparing students successfully for the Cambridge and IELTS examinations.
  • To recruit, retain and support a team of highly experienced and qualified teachers who are committed to creating a stimulating, supportive and active learning environment in which students can make rapid progress.
  • To encourage an atmosphere of tolerance and respect and to have a mix of students from as many countries as possible so our students can benefit from a truly international experience and learn, not only from our teachers, but also from each other.
  • To keep our students and staff safe by ensuring strict welfare, safeguarding and emergency procedures are in place and that an ongoing training programme keeps us aware and open to change and improvement.
  • To offer a comfortable study and working environment and the highest possible standards in all student services, including accommodation and the social programme, which allow our students to truly experience the life and culture in the UK.
  • To be honest, transparent, ethical and fair in the provision of information and the recruitment of students and to support our local and international partners in the best possible way.
  • To be kind, patient, supportive and attentive to each individual student and each member of staff and to ask for, and listen to their views and comments and, where possible, to act on their suggestions.
  • To put the student at the centre of everything we do.  We realise that without our students we wouldn’t be here, so every member of staff is committed to helping them get the most out of their stay.

The school is located in 2 fine old buildings, close to the University in Clifton.

 ELC Bristol Abon House

Pembroke House  Abon House
44 Pembroke Road, Clifton
Bristol BS8 3DT
T. 0117 970 7050
25 St. Johns Road, Clifton
Bristol BS8 2HD
T. 0117 970 7060 

 ELC Bristol Multimedia Centre
Pembroke House                                                                                                                                                       Abon House

The buildings are similarly equipped with 9 classrooms and a multimedia centres in both Pembroke and Abon House

ELC Bristol common room 
Pembroke House                                                                                                                                                        Abon House
There are common rooms and gardens in both centres

Facilities include:

  • 2 common rooms, with snooker tables, drinks machines, comfortable chairs and widescreen TVs.
  • 2 multimedia centres with free internet access.
  • Free wi-fi access.
  • Guided e-learning.
  • We do not have our own café but there are many bars, cafés and shops located only a few minutes from the school. A man from a local sandwich shop visits the school every breaktime selling refreshments.
  • The University Students' Union is only 5 minutes' walk from Pembroke House.

The language school's two buildings, Pembroke House and Abon House, are 7 minutes’ walk from each other.

During July and August, we open a summer centre in Clifton College, 2 minutes' walk from Pembroke House. Students joining our summer courses may study here or at either of the year round school buildings.

Summer Centre