The UK’s Number 1 School.*

*According to the EL Gazette rankings based on
British Council inspectors’ publishable statements.

Read the article which explains what makes ELC Bristol the number 1 ranked UK school.

ELC Bristol is a family-run school, offering intensive General English and examination preparation courses in Bristol, a lively university city in the South West of England.


The University Students' Union building is located 5 minutes' walk from Pembroke House.

The ELC student card allows you to use all the facilities at the Students' Union, including;

  • Anson Rooms - Fantastic for live music venue
  • Balloon Cafe and Bar - Selling fairtrade coffee and delicious food and snacks at student prices.
  • Shop - On the ground floor. A great place for Bristol souvenirs.

Clubs and Societies

As a Student at the English Language Centre Bristol, you are also able to join many of the university clubs and societies.  This is a brilliant way to meet English students and of course practise your English! There are more than 200 societies and 50 sports clubs to choose from.  See

The only restriction is that you will not have access to the University Sports Centre so you will not, for example, be able to train with the University basketball and badminton clubs and also you will also not be able to play in any BUSA league games (games between the different British universities).  However, you will be allowed to play in local competitions and also we can help you join other non-university basketball and badminton clubs.

Please click here to see the clubs and societies which are most popular with our students .

To join, you need to became an 'Associate Member' of the University Union, which is very simple.

  1. Register with the Students' Union 
  2. Click on the sport or activity you are interested in.
  3. When you join you will automatically be asked to become an Associate Member, currently £25 per year.

Please note you may have to pay an extra fee for some clubs and societies and you cannot play for the university sports clubs during weekday games, only at weekends, as the universities have strict rules. You can train during the week and of course make loads of new friends! We recommend you contact the clubs by email first to see if they have space for you to join.

The clubs and societies which are particularly popular with our students include:

It should be noted that the university clubs are really only active from the end of September until May the following year.  Apart from the university, there is also the opportunity for you to join one of the other local clubs where you will meet local Bristolians!  Of course, these local clubs are open all year round.