The UK’s Number 1 School.*

*According to the EL Gazette rankings based on
British Council inspectors’ publishable statements.

Read the article which explains what makes ELC Bristol the number 1 ranked UK school.

ELC Bristol is a family-run school, offering intensive General English and examination preparation courses in Bristol, a lively university city in the South West of England.


This section includes lots of information which will be useful if you are studying and living in Bristol. Click on the links below. 

Safety and Security

The British Council has created a dedicated personal safety guide for international students, covering frauds and scams through to hate crime and laws in the UK. 

Safety and Security

Cultural Awareness




Medical information - if you think you need to see a Doctor





Local transport

Buying a car

Hiring a car


Weekends away

What can I do in Bristol?

Shopping in Bristol


The Law

Government Guidance - Your Rights and the Law in the UK

What to do if you are arrested by the police

Council Tax

Littering Fines

Privacy Policy for Students



Places to Eat

Places of Worship

Complaints / It's good to talk

School rules

Opening a bank account

Mobile phones


Remember, if you ever have any questions you can come to the school office for help.