The UK’s Number 1 School.*

*According to the EL Gazette rankings based on
British Council inspectors’ publishable statements.

Read the interview and article which explain what makes ELC Bristol the number 1 ranked UK school.

ELC Bristol is a family-run school, offering intensive General English and examination preparation courses in Bristol, a lively university city in the South West of England.


If you have to stop your course early, please read these rules and then complete the Cancellation & Refunds form which you will find in your school file. Please give the completed form to the office in Pembroke or Abon House.

Please don’t ask us to make an exception to the rules.

What we agree to for one person, we must agree to for everyone.

These terms and conditions apply to students who book directly with the school. If you book through an Educational Tour Operator, their terms and conditions may apply.

  • If we accept your enrolment, your £300.00 (£400.00 from 2019) deposit is non- refundable; however, if you enrol online or by telephone, you are entitled to a ‘cooling off’ period of 14 days with the right to free cancellation. If you start your course within these 14 days, we can charge a reasonable sum for services based on the proportion of the course undertaken.

  • If you wish to postpone your course for any reason, for example, if you need a visa and are still waiting for the visa to be issued, you must let us know at least 1 week before you are due to arrive, otherwise you will have to pay for one week of accommodation to cover the notice period (if you have booked accommodation through the school).

  • If you need a visa and you have your visa application refused, we will refund your fees, less the deposit, once we have received a copy of the visa rejection letter.

  • If, for any reason, you have to stop your course early, your tuition fees are non- refundable.

  • If you wish to change or leave your accommodation, the school will refund your accommodation fees in full provided you give at least 2 full weeks’ notice except during the first 4 weeks of your stay when only 1 week’s notice is necessary. Changes should always take place at weekends.

  • Refunds are only paid back to the issuing account (and not necessarily to the student).


Students are strongly advised to take out travel and medical insurance and insurance to cover tuition fees in case of cancellation and loss of personal possessions. not have your own insurance, we can provide you with insurance under our Studentguard+ Student Travel Insurance Policy. You must ask for insurance at the time you book your course as cover is not available once you arrive in the UK.

Updated June 2018