The UK’s Number 1 School.*

*According to the EL Gazette rankings based on
British Council inspectors’ publishable statements.

Read the EL Gazette article where John explains what makes ELC Bristol their number 1 ranked UK school.

ELC Bristol is a family-run school, offering intensive General English and examination preparation courses in Bristol, a lively university city in the South West of England.


This area provides you with resources to help you extend your English studies beyond the classroom and after your stay with us in Bristol.

This section provides a variety of language weblinks to support your studies.

Use these links to help you with your studies outside class


This BBC website uses news stories and clips with activities to practise many areas of English language.

BBC Learning Zone: Grammar , Vocabulary and Pronunciation practice

BBC Learning Zone: General and Business English

Grammar and vocabulary practice from the British Council

There is a mixture of explanations, exercises and games on this site


Lots of quizzes on both grammar and vocabulary

It also includes reference materials

Basic Vocabulary with pictures, sounds and spelling.

Several different categories of vocabulary.

Explanations and some exercises about many areas of English language, especially at lower levels.

There are many different areas that are worth exploring


Grammar and vocabulary with explanations and exercises at a variety of levels.



British Council site with a variety of short video clips with tasks

There are many clips on a variety of subjects including British culture, cooking and how English is spoken on the street. The material is not divided by level, but is a special section of elementary level podcasts.

Live BBC News streaming

This material will be difficult for lower level learners, but can provide valuable authentic listening practice for higher level students.

BBC TV and radio programmes, many with subtitles

This is a valuable source of authentic listening material. There are all kinds of programme and broadcasts from all BBC radio stations. Programmes stay on this site for 7 days. Some can be downloaded.

A large number of  video clips on many different topics

Fascinating and inspiring talks, mostly under 20 minutes long.

A wide variety of multi-media materials

A wide range of short clear video clips that include examples of songs, situations in English, IELTS speaking practice and much much more. There are videos in both British and American English. The materials will generally suit students up to Upper Intermediate level.


British Council site with advice and some activities to help improve your writing

This site is especially useful for those who are going to be writing in English at university. There is a small number of sections, but each one contains a great deal of advice and support.





Tips and advice for IELTS candidates

There is useful support and some listening exam practice.

Online Cambridge exam practice

Materials to practise all Cambridge Exams from PET to CPE. Materials include activities to practise key language areas and practice exam papers.

This site offers IELTS speaking practice

There are materials to extend your vocabulary, useful language, example speaking tests and tasks.


Online version of the daily paper, The Guardian 

News and current affairs articles and features

Online version of the Sunday paper, The Observer 

Sister paper to The Guardian. News and current affairs articles and features

Online version of the daily newspaper, The Independent 

News and current affairs articles on a variety of topics

Online version of the daily newspaper, The Times 

Current affairs articles and in-depth features on a number of different topics
Access to up-to-date news from the USA


Current affairs new and articles.

Especially useful for IELTS, business and high level students.

Online access to articles from New Scientist magazine

Articles focusing on technology, health, the environment etc

Useful vocabulary and reading texts for IELTS and higher level learners.

Online access to articles from the American magazine Newsweek.

Useful for IELTS, business and higher level students. It is also helpful for cross-referencing when doing research.


A useful site giving language advice for people using English at work or to get a job.

There are podcasts, a business magazine and a series of video clips that show how an English-speaking workplace functions.

Useful language for a variety of business situations

This material provides language support for situations such as getting the job , handling business calls and participating in meetings.

Activities on general and specific business language.

Includes materials on a variety of areas such as IT, medical English and English for sales and marketing


English File: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and much more

English File Elementary

English File Pre-Intermediate

English File Intermediate

English File Intermediate Plus

English File Upper Intermediate

English File Advanced

Headway: grammar, vocabulary and tests you can build for yourself

Headway Elementary

Headway Pre-Intermediate

Headway Intermediate

Headway Upper Intermediate









This password protected area gives you access to Guided e-Learning materials and various other online study packages.


These are available to ELC Students.